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The Reason Why

Many people have recently asked me – Why a book like this?

So, instead of repetitively answering that question on an individual basis, I thought it would be best to respond to everyone here in the new blog.

Let’s begin with a little history. When I initially entered the Corporate world proper, it was a major shock to the system, particularly for first 2-3 years.  There was a staggering number of things that the business courses in college simply did not prepare me for.  As my career progressed, I also found this to be true for many other individuals I encountered in the workplace as well.

However, fate eventually smiled on me and I was fortunate to encounter a few exceptional mentors. These individuals taught me the fundamentals of how things really work in the corporate world, why certain choices were made at the top, and some of the reasons why people behave the way that they do in the workplace.  Light bulbs went off, realizations came to light, and subsequently this knowledge gave me the foundation to continue with my own research into the reality of the workplace, long after these mentors had retired or moved on to other organizations.

As my career continued, things came full circle and I eventually found myself in the position of mentor, paying it forward over the years by helping college interns and various other professionals in the same way that I was helped.  This was coupled with my determination to ensure that as many people as possible be granted the opportunity to learn the truth of how to prosper in the corporate world. However, eventually I had an epiphany and came to realize that doing things one person at a time was just too slow.  This set me on the path of finding a better way.

Time continued to pass, all the while I was pondering what the best approach would be to help as many people as possible. After much reflection, it was determined that a book would be the best course of action.  However, initially that idea was met with strong internal, emotional resistance since at the time I knew absolutely nothing about the world of writing and publishing outside of the corporate domain.  This was augmented with the apprehension that learning the intricacies of the publishing world would be a daunting task.  Little did I know just how daunting, but the details of those adventures are for another time.

So, after many months of late nights, research, and inspiration, the book was completed.  It is the culmination of more than 2 decades of adventures within the Corporate culture, and has something for all professionals, regardless of the industry in which they may currently be employed. It contains the knowledge of not only what really goes on in the business world, but a vast array of insights, tips & techniques that professionals can use every day to make their careers go a bit more smoothly.  The information contained within will help provide answers and guidance to some difficult situations, and help ease some of the stresses that come with a corporate career.

Lastly, it is my personal hope that this book will help to transform the business world for the better by giving professionals the tools that they need to prosper, avoid negativity, and evolve into upstanding, dynamic individuals who are empowered to do their best every day.

Be well.

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