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Author Bio & Business Experience


Brian Ray is a Business & Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience in the field. He has worked with several of the largest companies in the world on multiple projects and assignments, from the basic Project level to the Executive level.  These companies include General Motors, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Delphi, and more.

In addition to possessing a Business Degree with a major in Technology Management, he has continued his business education in various disciplines, IT applications, and business concepts through the years. These areas include PMP, ITIL, and Continuous Improvement, among others.

Brian is the proprietor of his own Consulting company, and is a Speaker & Corporate Trainer specializing in promoting positive changes in business and people.

He has taught multiple subjects and classes in the Corporate environment. Some of these include PC/Hardware Deployment & Refresh, Database Usage & Management, Process Improvement, Technology Management, Documentation, and Microsoft Office applications.

He has been the creator/author of many reference, training, and process documents/manuals throughout his career. He has also served in several mentoring programs at various companies over the years, helping other professionals achieve success.

On a personal level, Brian is a classically trained singer, an expert martial artist (15 years both practicing & teaching), and a champion bowler.


· Information Technology Professional with over 20 years of progressive experience within Business & IT Management.

· Completed multiple ITIL training courses.

· Leader of various teams containing from 3 to 20 employees at a time.

· Asset Manager for accounts with 50,000+ hardware assets and 1,000+ Software Assets.

· Increased the profits of assigned IT accounts by one million dollars ($) over established targets.

· 15 years of experience in executing hardware/software deployment and installation for customers.

· 20 years of experience working with procurement, purchasing, and vendors.

· Directed the creation of IT Architecture / Functionality for multiple databases and migration projects, and processes.

· 20 years of experience utilizing Microsoft Office & Microsoft products.

· Utilized several types of IT & Software Asset Management (ITAM & SAM) database tools, including Peregrine, OVSD, and Asset Center/Manager.

· 20 years of experience creating reports, spreadsheets and presentations using MS Access and Excel.

· Extensive experience working with all levels of business, including the Executive level.



10/2008 to Present

IT Asset Manager

Hewlett-Packard Corporation (HP Enterprise as of November 2015)

* Asset Manager for an account of approximately 50,000 Hardware assets and 1,000 Software assets.

* Utilize several Asset Management tools, including Asset Center, Asset Manager, and Microsoft SCCM.

* Assist in the coordination of hardware/software deployment and PC installation/refresh projects for clients.

* Manage an account team of 4 people.

* Update and maintain the Asset database.

* Publish weekly & monthly reports to the client and account leadership.

* Interface directly with the Client account representatives to resolve issues and report status.

* Update business and technical processes and procedures as needed.

* Direct the activities of the PMs and PC technicians assigned to the various client projects.

* Use ITAM, SAM and ITIL processes to improve account performance.

* Perform forecasts of upcoming customer hardware and software requirements.

* Input and report on account metrics.

* Identify cost savings opportunities, and achieved the milestone of over $100,000 in cost savings for assigned accounts.

* Mentor and train other staff members.


10/2006 to 8/2008

Project Manager/Consultant

Hewlett-Packard Corporation

Contracted through Ajilon Consulting

* Project Manager for client IT projects including leased PC hardware refreshes and software deployment from initialization to completion.

* Utilize several types of Case Management and Asset Management database tools, including Peregrine and OVSD.

* Execute hardware/software deployment and installation for HP clients.

* Direct the activities of the project coordinators and PC technicians assigned to the various client projects.

* Lead teams ranging from 3 – 20 employees depending on the needs of the project.

* Issue weekly reports on leased hardware and project status for management review.

* Coordinate project activities with the technical teams to ensure timely resolution of issues presented by the clients and to meet deadlines for deliverables.

* Create and manage client work orders and service request tickets through HP’s electronic system, called Open View Service Desk (OVSD).

* Creator of several new business processes and procedures.

* Created of technical/process manuals for various project endeavors.

* Perform forecasts of upcoming customer hardware and software requirements for HP clients utilizing various HP reports and the corporate Asset Management database.

* Coordinate the delivery of PC hardware (desktops, laptops, monitors, etc.) with the warehouse and the receiving client sites.

* Manage asset leases and assist in researching asset information on client hardware and software.

* Update business and technical processes and procedures as needed.

* Organize and review data from the AMDB (Asset Management Database) and client reports on a weekly basis to identify, track and leverage assets for refresh or lease termination.

* Create reports for Management.

* Identified many cost reductions and cost savings opportunities.

* Perform physical audits of equipment at various client sites to verify database accuracy and reconcile location, hardware type, and user information.

* Issue work orders to update asset information through the CMDB (Change Management Database).

* Input Work orders into the CMDB for project approval through the Change Advisory Board.


5/2000 to 10/2006

IT Director – Tooling & Stamping Division for North America

General Motors Corporation

Contracted through MSX International

* Provided technical and business support for 200 people across 7 sites.

* Managed equipment and software procurement and distribution using the GM Global Request System.

* Utilized several types of Case Management and Asset Management database tools, including Peregrine, and GRS (Global Request System).

* Executed hardware and software deployment and installation for the department.

* Managed leases on PC hardware and software licenses.

* Project Manager for corporate IT projects including OS upgrades and software deployment.

* Facilities Planner for IT deployment and personnel moves.

* Conducted classes in the usage of new hardware and new software applications.

* Monitored the status of vehicle programs and reported/updated as needed using MS Access and Excel.

* Conducted monthly presentations for the Vice President and Executives of Engineering.

* Issued purchase requisitions; purchase orders & financial reports for IT hardware / software.

* Department liaison to the IT vendors and the on-site System Services department.

* Created reports, spreadsheets and presentations for meetings and departmental distribution.

* Directed the creation of IT Architecture / Functionality for various databases.

* Database Manager of the Scorecard Metrics database.

* Database Manager for the General Motors tool and die database, named DieMap.

* Performed audits on PC equipment leases and software for asset management.

* Created and modified corporate/departmental business procedures as needed.

* Performed troubleshooting on PC equipment and software issues for the department.

* Mentored and trained interns and other staff members.


ITIL Courses

2011 Edition Foundations:

* Service Strategy Fundamentals

* Introduction to the ITIL Framework

* ITIL & the Service Lifecycle

* Introduction to Service Operation

* Continual Service Improvement