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Q – What makes your offerings different?

A – My approach, perspective, book, and other offerings are based on truth.  I teach the things that are rarely, if ever, touched upon in traditional training courses at schools & universities.  It was a wonderful gift that I was fortunate enough early in my career to be mentored by individuals who taught me the foundations of how the business world truly operates.  Which gave me the base to expand my knowledge even further over the years.  Now, it is time for that to be shared with the world at large so that others can benefit in their careers and professional development.


Q – Do you teach at any universities?

A – There are discussions ongoing with several of the local colleges in my area to create courses around my book’s material.  However, these are still in the preliminary stages.


Q – What consulting & training services do you offer?

A – Since needs can vary so much, please contact me through the email link on this site and provide details regarding what areas/topics that you are interested in.  This will help to determine what the focus should be.